Meet the team of 2020-2021

We are a non-profit organization and all members of Right2Education are volunteers. Together, we are working towards building a community and bridging the gap between outsiders and insiders.
Hanna R2E 2

Hanna Jaspers

Internal communications

“What I love the most about Right2Education is the fact that it is based on reciprocity. The entire community is built on the idea that everyone brings something to the table. Right2Education is about learning. Learning from and with each other. It provides the opportunity for everyone involved to grow as a person, to gain new skills, to find new friends. Last year, I was part of the student coordination team and I realized how lucky I was to be part of a community that is based on positivity, exchange and also a lot of fun. And I am even luckier to be able to continue our work this year. 

As the Internal Communication Manager, I will maintain an overview over the whole board and will make sure that everything runs smoothly. If necessary, I will support and assist our other board members in their hard work. I am very excited to start working with our amazing team of board members, students, teachers, buddies, and everyone who is in some way or form involved with R2E. I look forward to meeting all of you!” 


Abdullah Alharbi

Student coordinator

“Since I came to the Netherlands, I started to do volunteering work every year, and I gladly had the chance to be part of this amazing organization. It all started when I joined the English classes in 2018. I was overwhelmed by the humble, warm and great classes I received from the teachers. Moreover, I was grateful for the hard work and the effort they put into every class. 

That left me thinking of a way to say thank you for the amazing job they are doing every year. The chance came this year for me of being a member of the great R2E community. Since I started working with them, I felt how amazing it is to be a board member of this hard working team. I am now paired with the best colleague ever, Nadia, and I realise the amount of work they put into it to provide great classes for the students for free. I am really glad that I joined R2E this year”. 

Nadia 2

Nadia Nan

Student coordinator

“I clearly remember the first time I heard of Right2Education, during the introduction week of AUC. I immediately knew that I would like to be involved in this community and this made me sign up to become a buddy in my first year, which was a really fun experience and made me even more interested in the organization. As I like languages, I decided to apply for a teacher position and became one of the Dutch teachers in my second year. This turned out to be one of my most valuable experiences of AUC. The highlights of my semester were the classes because of the mutual learning experience and the exchange of cultures.

This year I will be student co-coordinator, which means that I will be the main contact person of the guest students. My tasks start with the application session and end after the certificate ceremony, when the guest students receive their language certificates. The students can talk with me about their progress and wellbeing, but I am also the person they can approach if they need to talk about issues that are not necessarily related to the language courses. I am looking forward to meeting all the new guest students of this academic year!”

Jens website photo 2

Jens van der Weide

Academic and teacher coordinator

“My journey with Right2Education started in the spring of 2020, and I feel incredibly lucky to contribute to this wonderful organization. Its beauty lies not only in the education it provides, but also in the fact that it encourages social interactions between a plethora of different students form all over the world, all within an inspiring and safe environment. With reciprocity at its core, Right2Education believes that everyone is equal, and I am both grateful and looking forward to learn from everyone involved this year. 

With my partner Benji, I will fulfill the position of Academic and Teacher co-coordinator. One of my main activities is recruiting and guiding the powerhouse of our education: the incredible teacher team of Right2Education. Next to that I will be busy with evaluating classes and syllabi. Especially in the challenging times that came with 2020, I am happy to contribute to an organization that has proven itself to be of great value for a lot of people”.

Benji Website Picture 2.jpeg

Benjamin Blower

Academic and teacher coordinator

“Having previously volunteered at a donation centre or the Calais refugee camp and providing meals for refugees in the UK throughout the winter period, I was determined to continue to volunteer upon moving to Amsterdam. My admiration and support for the values that Right2Education represents drew me towards the organization, and eagerly joined the community as a Buddy during my second year at AUC. I was immediately overwhelmed by the humble, modest, warming and honest individuals that form the welcoming and inclusive community of R2E, grounded in a genuine reciprocity, and I found myself driven to become further involved with R2E. 

I consider language and communication as essential for forming a sense of sociability necessary for feeling of comfort, and, as an Academic and Teacher co-coordinator, I will be working alongside Jens to ensure that our students are provided with an effective education within a welcoming and inclusive environment, managing and assisting the teachers and assessing the course materials. Additionally, I am eager to develop original additional academic projects alongside our classes to allow R2E to continue to provide valuable and productive experiences for our students. I am looking forward to the opportunities and experiences this position will offer me with great enthusiasm, and I am very excited and honored to be part of the organization!”

Luna photo 2

Rosa Luna van Crevel

External communications

I have had an interest in refugees and migration since I was young, so when I learned about Right2Education I was immediately interested. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work as an English teacher for the organization. It was one of the most fun, rewarding and useful experiences I have had in my life. I enjoyed it even more than I expected to and I learnt a lot. I discovered I loved teaching and I also really enjoyed the social aspect of working with such interesting students who have so many stories to tell. I had decided I wanted to pursue a career related to refugees and migration before I worked with R2E, but this experience confirmed that. After my teaching period was finished, I noticed that I missed working with R2E and I loved running into my old students at school. I decided that I wanted to play a bigger part in this organization so I applied for a position on the board. 

As the external communication and PR Manager, I will be representing R2E. I hope to help improve existing parts of our organization and start new project to increase our impact. I will do this with the help of sponsorships and partnerships with similar organizations. I believe that many people and organizations support the ideals that R2E was founded on, so I am looking forward to telling people about our work”. 

Website Picture Ian 2

Ian Rijks

Treasurer and acquisitions

“Just like many of my fellow board members, I got acquainted with Right2Education as a buddy in my first year of studying at Amsterdam University College. The fun events and kind loving people kept me engaged, but what I loved the most about R2E is the ease which everyone involved in the community shares their culture, without prejudice, without barriers, worry free. 

Now, two year later, I am honored to call myself this year’s Treasurer and Head of Acquisitions. I hope that my background in Economics and Psychology will provide me with the tools I need to financially lead the foundation, especially in light of last year’s abrupt transition and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Through my work, I am to further establish R2E as a financially healthy foundation that aids young adults with a refugee background in developing their language skills so that their opportunities equal those of native speakers. 

In memory of Noah van Genuchten, Treasurer and Head of Acquisitions 2019-2020″. 

Eline R2E 2

Eline Koopman

Buddy's and events coordinator

I first got involved with Right2Education as a buddy during my first year of AUC. I really enjoyed the ‘gezellige’ potlucks, games nights and sports events. Those weekly events were often filled with laughter, music and sharing stories about everyday life. Meeting new people from so many different countries and cultures is what I’ve loved the most. Moreover, it is what I will be the most excited about while working as one of the buddy and event coordinators, together with Lidewij.

Education is something that I have always taken for granted until I started working with youth in Cape Town. The fact that within the R2E community the value of education and the social aspect are combined, is what particularly attracted me the most. Wanting to be further involved in the R2E community, I applied for the position of buddy and event coordinator. By organizing the weekly events together with Lidewij, I hope to create a place where everyone can unwind, that brings the guest students and buddies closer together and create new shared memories!”

Lidewij van der Vaart

Buddy's and events coordinator

“Last year, as a first year at Amsterdam University College, I got in Right2Education as a buddy. Through the events hosted by R2E, I had the opportunity to meet many people and make new friends, as we shared about our cultures, hobbies and interests. I found out we had more in common than expected at first. The buddy program of R2E is an amazing way to share, learn and grow. It complements the language courses well, because together R2E can offer a student-like experience to anyone who applies. 

As the Buddy and Events co-coordinator, Eline and I hope to build an inclusive community. This way, the newcomers and buddies will also be able to share, learn, grow as well as just have fun, just like we did!”

The founders of Right2Education

Ellen Ackroyd
Nini Pieters
Merel Kuijs
Tamara Happé
Andrea Haefner
Tanushree Kaushal
Lena Reim
Els van Dam

Our Advisory Board

Dr. Sennay Ghebreab

AUC Management Representative

Dr. Anne de Graaf

Chief Diversity Officer at the UvA

Michael Vermeer

AUC Alumni

Loes Laetemia

Gastvrij Oost Representative

Prof. Dr. Halleh Ghorashi

VU Representative

Dr. Diederik van Werven

AUC Faculty Representative