Right2Education in University magazine Folia

Right2Education in University magazine Folia

The March issue of Folia recently dedicated an article to Right2Education, featuring an AUC student, Charles and his “buddy”, Gerios. They detail the steps leading up to their current relationship; from strangers to buddies to genuine friends. Indeed, the regularly meet up and catch up despite busy schedules. This article adequately captured not only their bond but also one of the main foundations of the Right2Education initiative which is social integration. For education to be successful and personal, it needs to be holistic. This means that it has to not only guarantee academic quality but also the chance of social networking, bonding and dynamism.

If you want to read the article, be sure to click the button below (PDF, Dutch)– it’s on page 32!

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Ellen Ackroyd

Ellen Ackroyd (1997) is the PR manager of Right2Education. Having been involved with the project from the beginning, she knows all about the fight for a universal access to education. Ellen is responsible for the website, outreach, and the R2E blog.