Buddy System and Events

As with any education, we think it’s important to have a balance between the academics and social activities. We organise social events every week, and we have a buddy system which partners up Right2Education students with students at Amsterdam universities. Our initiative is about building a community based on shared environments.


The events can be an opportunity to meet your buddy, but our events are open to anyone who wants to join the community - you do not have to be a buddy or student. Upcoming events are mostly posted on our social media accounts. Through these, we aim to bring together communities which might not otherwise have met.

Our buddy system pairs up Right2Education students with an AUC/UvA/VU student in order to facilitate integration of all young people into the wider city.

This can be an opportunity for language exchange, but for many it is an opportunity to go to parties, dinners, museums, excursions, bike tours and also just simply hang out.

Buddy System

Interested in becoming a buddy?

We are looking for students who want to meet up with an R2E student once a week, take part in weekly events, and most importantly make new friends and enjoy everything that Amsterdam has to offer!

As a buddy we ask you to meet up with your buddy every week. Some weeks are busier than others, depending on when your buddy is available, the events you take part in and how you get along. Every buddy pair is different but the more time and effort you put into it, the more you get out of it! The most important aspect of the buddy system is about having fun and meeting new people.

What does being a buddy involve?

Being available to meet your buddy socially about once a week

Help and chat in English/Dutch/whatever languages you both want to practise

We would love to see you at R2E events, and one of these (the 'Respecting the Boundaries') is compulsory

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