Opportunities and Support

Here you can find education and work opportunities available in the Netherlands. There are also services available to help with training and support. These are available for anyone, not just Right2Education students.

What can you do within Right2Education?

English up to C1, including IELTs prep, Dutch up to B1.2, Arabic language cafes, CV building workshops, and guest lectures at Amsterdam University College.

Other Training Opportunities

Refugees Forward is a business incubator for newcomers, and offers high-quality training and coaching to support newcomers in setting up their business in the Netherlands. Their program offers training on business strategy and cross-cultural skills, as well as a team of experienced business coaches and dedicated (Dutch) students to work with the entrepreneurs.

Refugee Start Force aim to match refugees, locals, organizations and companies based on professions, skills and expertise. Their networking groups, projects and events  enable refugees to find contacts who can help them to further develop professional skills and ambitions.

Meet Your Mentor is a digital mentoring platform that supports young people with a non-western background in their transition to the labor market. They pair you to an expert in a desired field.

Hack your future train people with a refugee background to become web developers and software testers through a free seven month program. After the education, graduates start their careers at one of their partner companies.

Higher Education

You can check what your diploma is equivalent to in the Netherlands at this site.

The Netherlands uses a program called Studielink for applying to universities. Each university has their own website, on which you will find information on courses, requirements and career prospects. You can always directly contact the university using the number found under ‘contact’. 

To apply to Studielink (the national database for university admission) you must have a digiD – also required for all other official government websites. This requires you to be formally registered in the NL with a BSN, so is unfortunately only available for status holders. 

Higher Education Opportunities

Employment Opportunity Databases

Social and Legal Support

If you need information specially for refugees about living in the Netherlands you can visit the Yalla Foundation. They provide everything from DigiD, diploma validation, to housing and work, and health.
If you need legal support, especially for rejected asylum claims, ASKV offers this for free to all refugees and asylum seekers.