Faces of R2E – Majd and Cat

Faces of R2E – Majd and Cat

“For me I see myself as very patient and I am always trying to respect people. I help out a lot of people and I like to help people. I see it as if it could take some negativity away from me. When I feel bad I always try to solve that by helping people, which really helps me feeling very good.

I spend all my life in education, studying in university, reading etcetera. But it is still not enough, I want more more more. Maybe that is a normal feeling. I think education is more than to read, more than to know. If I read, it is more, than to know what is in the book. It is to build my personality, it is to build how I contact with people, how to react to people. So it is really more than a presentation or school or university. It is also out of that, how I am social with people. Education could be two things: university, school and studying, and it could be personality, how can I affect people. That is more a social thing.

What I am planning to do is work in a laboratory, like a medical one or biotechnological one. Because I study biotechnological engineering, this is my career and I think this field is really big, it could have a lot of development, so I want to work in this field. Teaching is really perfect, like a hobby. I also worked as a teacher in Syria for two years where the lessons were more than regular lessons, it was a lot of things for me. That laboratory thing I want to be it my job, I want to develop myself there.

Majd, Arabic Teacher and Right2Education Student.


“Let’s say it like this, I really like studying and I really like learning. I find it important to develop yourself. But education also brings people together. You are not alone, maybe sometimes it might seem like that – I focus on mathematics which is more individual – but nevertheless it brings people together. I have friends with whom I share common interest in a course, and I also see it with Right2Education. Learning a language brings people together. I find education very important.

You always develop yourself, when you are with other people you learn a lot. Maybe you learn even more if you surround yourself by people, maybe it stimulates personal development. That is why I think it is important to be together: you stimulate each other. And if you are motivated and have a positive mindset, you can take others with you.

What is also special about AUC is that you are living together with other students which brings cultures together. For example when you are cooking. I live in a single room and then you don’t necessarily have a lot of contact with other students. But I know students that live in a 4 persons apartment where you have to adjust to the other 3 people that are living there as well. You learn a lot from this and it is very important for personal development. This is the strength of AUC.”

Cat, AUC Student in Right2Education Arabic Classs.